The voice of Which air exudes Škofja Loka

The report on air protection in the municipality of Škofja Loka shows that good air is breathing in Škofja Loka and everyone disagrees with this. On Godešič they are collected with data from their monitoring station.

Škofja Loka – The main topic at the September session of the city council was the report on the implementation of air protection in the municipality. Measures have been implemented for several years, in 2014 they adopted the air protection program and established the indicators that are checked regularly, the cadastral pollutants are determined and the companies in the municipality commit to report. At the end of last year, five-point meters were installed to measure the air quality. Their operation is still experimental at the end of the year. In the summer, the residents of Godešič repeatedly pointed out the increased pollution values, which differed considerably from those of other measuring stations, and demanded serious treatment. On this occasion they attended the meeting of the municipal council, attended by Mojca Klemenčič Lipovec from the Marbo area, Rajko Kacin, supplier of monitoring stations, and Tomaž Lanišek, director of Knauf Insulation, who attributed the greatest damage to air pollution to residents of Godešič.

The report shows that good air in Škofja Loka breathes in, as well as the results of the measuring stations. On Godešič, however, the values ​​of hard particles in the air, especially this summer, have increased a number of times, which has disturbed the inhabitants and has directed various municipal messages to the municipal administration. They were not satisfied with the answers, even during the session of the city council they emphasized that communication from the municipality was not appropriate and that they were left without sufficient explanation. The pollution in the daily average did not exceed the threshold values, they claimed in the municipality. However, when there was an increase in the measuring station, they suspected something could be wrong with the device. In the August storm, the meter hit a broken tree and moved it in the opposite direction, so they decided to check if the data was being held and send the measuring instrument to the ARSO for verification and to install a new one. On the Bay of Godešič, as in other parts of the municipality, because of the company Knauf, as the council member of the municipal environmental list that Rolando Krajnik claims, Mojca Klemenčič Lipovec of Marbo Environment explains that only on the basis of data from the meters can not be determine what pollution causes, it only concerns air quality data. Otherwise, measurements will be monitored and measures will be taken. Tomaž Lanišek of Knauf rejected the complaints and said that the discharges with the installation of the filters had already significantly decreased, and with the reconstruction of the production line they will be even more, and even if they are below the values ​​prescribed by the legislation. At the request of the residents of Godešič who believe that the discharges cause more morbidity in people in their area, the information from the Škofja Loka health center has also been obtained for the report on measurements of air quality in the municipality. There has been no increase in patient visits due to respiratory problems in recent months, and it would also be difficult to prove that people in this region suffer from lower air quality rather than elsewhere. The health center also does not collect data on the patient's whereabouts and it would be very difficult to determine the number of residents who differ statistically from the planned data collection due to the small number of inhabitants.

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