The youngest are on the way

LJUBLJANA – AMZS has campaigned for 365 days in conjunction with auto-union societies in Slovenia and the police before the start of the new school year, to remind drivers of the fact that children return to school, that their safety should be guaranteed every day of the year. regularly. As he said Anton Breznik, Chairman of the AMZS, there are very few accidents with children.

"But this should not leave us at all, but at least encourage us to continue our efforts to improve road safety," says Breznik. On this occasion AMZS decided to emphasize the safe management of buses. "We estimate that so far not much attention has been paid to this topic, and observations show that progress can be made in the safety of passengers in buses, starting with the use of seat belts," he said. Jure Kostanjšek, Head of the safe mobility area at AMZS.

This year, more attention is paid to bus drivers. PHOTO: Amzs

Ensuring the safety of children is also one of the main tasks of the police in the first days of September, which is mainly accompanied by possible speeds, the attitude of drivers of pedestrians and smoking in the vehicle in the presence of minors, since when the vehicle is underage, tobacco products.

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