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We have guessed for a long time who the girl he loves Luka Pečar Pahor. There was also much talk about this. But you know how it is with rumors. They are and they are not real. Well, now the president himself has served with a photocopy, of whom his son loves.

He placed a TOLE photo on Instagram and …

… with the attribution: "Luka, Tisa and Nirc visited me on Vili Podrožnik and Nirč was the sole holder of the protocol."

A picture that is slightly different from other Pahor's published on Instagram is family and filmed the garden of the protocol facility of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

Since President Pahor has marked a beautiful name with the full name in his Insta publication Tisa Lozoy (you can follow it on Instagram HERE), let's look at her photo's that show that …

… the beauty stuck at the beginning of this summer beautiful Italian Pisa.

Well, we also learned (and a reliable source was also reported) next.

Luka Pahor and his choir, who is a student of the third year of Bežigrajska gimnazija, begged at the beginning of this year in a romantic Paris. The above photo is also a witness of this.

It turns out that the girls are also known for photographing.

As a model, she worked with the photographer in the past Miran Juršič.

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