What the body language reveals with Marjan Šarc

Edvard Kadič, body language expert, asked us what they said about their policies when signing the coalition agreement.

We communicate much more than verbally with non-verbal communication, because with the first unconscious we express the emotions we sometimes want to hide with the word communication. A man in his daily life knows and uses a few thousand words and the body language has at least 700,000 ways of expression. Non-essential communication, conscious or unconscious, is indispensable in our daily lives and plays an important role in communicating with people.


To discover what is actually hidden behind the beautiful words that the politicians have given us when we sign the coalition agreement, we have sent the photo's and the snapshot of the event Edward Kadich, A specialist for communication and personal development, and in particular a specialist for body language. As he told us, although we were able to see a somewhat more festive attitude in the petri dice of political feudalists, he nevertheless realized, from their movements, that this was largely a matter of routine behavior. "Friendly, respectful and helpful was the upper hand, and everyone was well aware that it was a formal event, especially for a show to the public," Kadic said.


What is hiding behind the smile? Photo: Bobo

Sharec stood out

Nevertheless, Kadič is of the opinion that the central personality of this event should therefore be specifically mentioned Marjan Sarac. "At the end of the signing we could clearly see the so-called stiffness of the body, when the person hardened the neck, making it difficult for the head to make a free turn and thus observe the space. defensive attitude that allows the person to "prepare" for questions or comments, which can also be somewhat provocative, or a defensive (protective) attitude when relaxing the tension after the event with a high emotional involvement. in this particular case it is clear for any combination of these reasons that Šarcu lacks a "kilometer" and is at present a relatively easy prey of experienced negotiators and masters of the use of non-verbal communication in practice, " the analysis was completed by Kadič.

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