With an oral accordion that would not really happen

Ta-ra-ta-ta, ta-ra-ta-ta was brought to Slovenske Konjice this morning. Behind every corner musicians played with accordion Golica, at different points in the city, & # 39; clowners & # 39; founded in the choir, young rockers saw on the central stage and most were on the market of different runners who were warmed up in the tempo of music. A record of 1500 fans of the race (the oldest runner was 76 years old) participated this year in the Konjic marathon, mostly in the last six years, because in Slovenske Konjice, the athletics club of the former Yugoslav team in the running with obstacles Anton Noner organizes a sports-musical event.

Golica, because he has a real running pace

But this was by no means the only record today. accordionist Matej Banovšek He had promised for some time that he would transfer the accordion with ten kilometers this time. It not only bears (weighs more than seven kilograms), it always plays. Well, not anything – he will play the legendary Golico, which has exactly the right pace. How much have you previously executed such an accordion, I ask. "I only played with the accordion once," she testified, "I've run a lot without it, I believe that will be the case," Banovšek said at the start. Given that the accordion has been playing for at least 26 years, the question of how Golico practiced really would not be appropriate.

"Sport connects, sports and music completely"

And that was it. He spent ten kilometers in a good hour, and, as he claimed himself, he played Golica, together with the companions on the route. "I'm a bit wrong, but it's important that I play continuously, if you played an oral accordion it would not have disappeared," said the "Freitonian" marathon. The record, which he actually quite randomly (he himself, as a runner, regularly participated in the marathon, later he played mostly with his Ensemble Banovšek in the fun part of the event, and so it was today) was not an end in itself. Neither the newcomer recruited him, but he changed the idea into a charity project. The accordion, with which Banovšek played a good hour, will donate the socially threatened children with a view to teaching, so that they can play it for at least five years.

Rozmari Friday Matej Banovšek is the first and only one who has passed ten kilometers and has continuously played Golico.

Two more track recorders

To help children who had to fight cancer at a young age, the course also started Bogomir Dolenc, who announced that 42 marathons would run out for 42 days; 37th in accordance with the race in the Konjic marathon. "The last five waiting for me are very excited, but the hardest was absolutely the first since I had just gone from the organization to the actual flight, I'm not saying there are no problems, but they are expected and manageable," Dolenc .

Today the organizers looked for another special runner, the host Oliver Titch, which is heading for a long hike from the far south of Argentina to the most northerly, yet populated part of Alaska. He had a festive party on the eve of the race, but as he said, the Konjic marathon really does not want to miss, because it will certainly not be for at least three years in the national Konjice. Approximately as much time will be required for the journey from South America to North America.

Rozmari Friday Oliver Tic, Anton Noner and Matej Banovsek before the start

"Sport connects, sports and music all the way, we want to keep our music on our marathons, because we also help runners", he said at the end of the marathon, which was also a music marathon (at least it was attended by 200 musicians who play along the course), said organizer Anton Noner. Does this mean that next year the organizers will be surprised by some music record? Maybe with Golica at 21 kilometers? "I promise nothing," Banovšek said, still slightly breathless.

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