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A Croatian designer devoted a five-liter turbo engine to the Yugu concept. – Interesting

Ten years have passed since the end of the legendary production Zastava design yugo, which found nearly 800,000 customers for nearly 30 years of production. But the memory of him remains alive. This is remarkable, however, in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, especially in Serbia, where many moving vehicles are still on the road today, especially in the later years of the vehicle. The successor on the other hand is not in sight and most likely he will not be.

Well, at least in real life, no. In the digital world the story is completely different. His vision on Yuga was published on the web in Croatia by a living Croatian designer from the industry and the automotive industry Mihael Merkler, the author of many daring concepts from various car brands, who at least have not yet seen the lights of the world. It is also part of it Yugo GT 5000.

Produced (presumably) according to the wishes of the Americans

Forget about a modest three-armed car, the Merkler concept is something completely different. His concept had grown enormously in length as he approached the length Chrysler 300C. However, while simply designed headlights remain, they are only modernized at the front and back in LED technology. The side guards were placed in the mirrors in mirrors and the attention on the body was attracted by the body of the concealed door handle and a large bump with a slot for catching air in the bonnet.

The mentioned lock is not only a fashion accessory, but it is a five liter V8 turbo engine. This has to produce rounds 600 & # 39; horses & # 39; (441 kilowatts) of power, that should suffice for the highest speed 320 kilometers per hour and accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.8 seconds. Well, we must not forget that it is still only a concept, but it would certainly be very interesting to see it on the road.

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