Against an alcoholic cat with a lot of fluid and an abundant breakfast

To relieve the symptoms of an alcoholic cat, a lot of liquids and an abundant breakfast contribute to it. Photo: BoBo

According to the National Institute of Public Health (NUE) no less than three-quarters of people have been drunk, the next day it is an alcoholic cat, and one of the alcoholic drinks is enough for the most vulnerable. Someone with an alcoholic cat feels bad, is sick, ill, has a headache, dizziness, diarrhea, is tired, he is disturbed by sound and light.

Similarly, a person may have problems with the visual perception of the room, perhaps trembling, has red eyes, feels thirst, hot fever, muscle pain, depression, concentration problems and memory. All this is due to the swelling of blood vessels in the brain, which increases pressure and causes headaches, and dehydration and lack of sleep contribute to a worse offense.

High-protein breakfast and fruit juice

The best medicine is of course prevention, ie drinking in limited quantities or durability. But if you look too deep into the glass, the following day we have a protein-rich breakfast with fresh fruit juice that contains a lot of fructose and helps with the metabolism of alcohol. With headaches we can help with painkillers, but we will also get a fresh nose.

Most symptoms will disappear if we sleep well and our body will dissolve all blood alcohol.

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