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Be like a Hollywood director with Huawei P30 Pro – Techno Star


May 15, 2019 at 11:25 am

With the update of the EMUI 9.1 user interface to B153, the handsets of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro were given a unique and exciting function on smartphones. Two cameras for recording video clips. The update has already started calling phones, but not all users receive one by one, but gradually.

This method allows users to make video clips with a shared screen, simultaneously with the main camera and the camera with a telephoto lens. That is why two perspectives appear simultaneously in the image – the one seen through the main lens and the one seen through the telephoto lens.

The dual camera & # 39; s mode allows itself to produce an extraordinary video clip, but it can be combined with other video options, such as AI-compatible editor. The P30 and P30 Pro smartphones are the first phones on the market with what they can and they can record large-scale events with a simultaneously detailed view of the scene in the center. In a unique and refreshing way.

The phone is suitable for users who want professional quality video and photos. The way the video functions of two cameras & # 39; s have been upgraded with:

  • capture a wide image of a scene with multiple backgrounds and multiple objects in a video clip,
  • zoom simultaneously to the selected object on the split screen,
  • Two-corner shot – panoramic shot and close-up shot -,
  • the ability to adjust the magnification and
  • recording creative recordings that integrate special moments in life.

Huawei is the leading company in the introduction of technologically advanced cameras, and with the P30 series it also increases the preference of competitors. The mode of two cameras & # 39; s after the update of the EMUI 9.1 user interface is also available on the P30 Pro with the superZoom telephoto lens, which supports a 5x optical, 10x hybrid and 50x digital zoom. With a sensitivity of ISO 409,600 it also works well in weaker light. With pioneering work on advanced video technology and continuous innovation, Huawei also gives users the opportunity to make creative video clips.

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