Delova personality in 2018

In the editorial work as early as December, we have selected ten that we have written in the superlative this year. From doctors to banks, who offered their story as a sort of catharsis to Slovenians, they were able to close a circle of their names.

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Their stories are presented every day. The winner will be known during the ceremony on January 9th in Cankarjev stupid.

And who is in our choice? surgeons Uroš Ahčan and Vojko Didanovič, who with a complete reconstruction of the nose has given a decent life back to the patient, and their performance is a new milestone in aesthetic surgery on a global scale.

READ: Discuss with your surgeon about their work and plans. They think of the next reconstruction of the nose.

Queen of the depths Alenka Artnik, which sank in the Bahamas during the afternoon and in the flood to the depths of 105 meters and matched the world record.

READ OUT: A conversation with Alenka Artnik, a diver on his breath, who, after a series of difficult life processes, found a place under the surface and has become one of the best in the world.

Alenka Artnik PHOTO: Blaz Samec / Delo

biathlete Jakov Fak, a man with brilliant sporting successes and moral authority, even outside sports fields.

The first sports climber of the world Janja Garnbretwhich is also elevated by its modesty or, as they say, unfounded. sister Bernard Gostečnikwho, as the guardian of the legacy of the famous Felicita Kalinšek, has made sure that we have it A great Slovenian cookbook also in the 21st century. Young researcher Tina Lebar, which is considered a visionary of synthetic biology, and presents his research in the most prestigious scientific journals. Vlado Kreslin as a poet and musician, who will probably never get the big Prešeren prize, I should do that.

Retired director Dušan Merc, who courageously and without a hair in the language draws attention to the mistakes of our school and always puts the child in the first place. Fighting against plastic Urša Zgojznikwho, with his latest campaign Clean the Slovenia, has shown that we all have to take a step forward in the environment. Bronze Žakelj, who has shaped her life story in a novel and has raised questions that we do not like to think about.

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