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Finns progressed after a dramatic "Canadian scenario"

Semi-finalists are known at the World Championship of the elite division. These are the Finns, who defeated Sweden's defenders, Czechs who defeated Germans 5: 1 in the quarterfinals after beating 5: 4, the Russian Olympic champions who shot 4-3 Americans and Canadians who were half a second ahead. end of the regular part of the match against Switzerland, they took the extension out and beat it 3: 2. The semi-finals (Russia-Finland, Canada-Czech Republic) are on Saturday. The management of the hockey club of Slovenia has presented a candidacy at the congress for organizing the second class championship next year. Since she is the only candidate at Stožice, the role of her host cannot escape.

Hockey sticks


Risi elite in Stožice, after the Olympic dream in Jesenice



The semi-final pairs are Finland – Russia and Canada – Czech Republic.

Sweden, which chased the third consecutive world champion title, was stopped by its neighbor Finland. She took her 60 seconds after she was precise Niko Mikkola. And then three crowns made a rebound and with 3 consecutive hits in 21 minutes 3: 1 was entered. Finns responded to the half of the bounce with two hits and a tie, just before the second break Erik Gustafsson He took the Swedes to a new leadership. Marko Anttila at the end of the regular part of the regular work, settled and pulled out the extension, while in the second minute he was responsible for the joy of Fincev Sakari Manninen.

Czech Republic SP in hockey 2019

Photo: Reuters

The Czechs skipped the Germans

On the second evening scout between the Czechs and the surprising Olympic podrški Germans the score was less violent until the 35th minute when Jan Kovar made a good shot from the Chekhov leadership with 1: 0. The Germans are over Frank Mauer they arrived immediately in the 38th minute, but by mistake they found themselves in a new delay at the start of the third third. He scored for 2: 1 Jakub Voraček. Up to the 54th minute they were followed by two more goals from the Chekhov, who secured a more complete finish. A new one was shot at the end of the game.

The last Czech martial art from 2012, when they were bronze, was the champion in 2010 last year.

The Russians are shaking the United States

The Russians broke the Americans in the quarterfinals with 4: 3.

The Russians broke the Americans in the quarterfinals with 4: 3.
Photo: Reuters

The first semi-final ticket was won by the Russians who came to Slovakia with an exceptionally strong team, won in all seven group matches, and in the quarterfinals they struggled and defeated the Americans. The command committee took the lead in the second minute, and in the 16th led with 2: 0. In the second third the Americans approach the goal, the Russians enter the final piece twice at +2 and the Americans both scored in the lead a goal.

At the back of 3: 4 they tried without a goalkeeper at the end, but the desire for equalization didn't come true. The rest is in the final win of the Olympic champions looking forward to the 2014 World Cup title.

Canadians half an hour before extorting an extension and winning

Canadians forced the extension more than half a second before the end of regular work, and then Shea Theodor celebrated in 66th minute.

Canadians forced the extension more than half a second before the end of regular work, and then Shea Theodor celebrated in 66th minute.
Photo: Reuters

In Košice, Canadians and Swiss were hit by the semi-final ticket. They led twice, a second before the end of the regular work was 2: 1 for Switzerland, and then Damon Severson with a shot from Leonard Genoni. The referees watched a video clearly showing that the board crossed the line half a second before the end of the playing time.

He was followed by an extension of three or three, which he decided in the 66th minute Mark Stone and Canada to make progress. Javore leaves remain in the battle for the title they celebrated three years ago.

SP elite division, quarter finals

Thursday, May 23
Russia: US 4: 3 (2: 0, 0: 1, 2: 2)
1: 0 Gusev 2., 2: 0 Sergachev 16. (PP1), 2: 1 Skjei 23., 3: 1 Kaprizov 42., 3: 2 Hanifin 46., 4: 2 Grigorenko 48., 4: 3 DeBrincat 58 .

Canadians if not relevanta: Switzerland 3: 2 * (0: 1, 1: 1, 1: 0, 1: 0)
0: 1 Andrighetto 19 (PP1), 1: 1, Stone 26, 1: 2 Hischier 40. (PP1), 2: 2 Severson 60., 3: 2 Stone 66.

Finland: Sweden 5: 4 * (1: 2, 2: 2, 1: 0, 1: 0)
1: 0 Mikkola 1, 1: 1 Klingberg 3 (PP1), 1: 2 Nylander 17, 1: 3 Pettersson 21, 2: 3 Lindbohm 26, 3: 3. Hakanpaa 30, 3: 4 Gustafsson 40., 4: 4 Anttila 59., 5: 4 Manninen 62.

Czech Republic : Germany 5: 1 (0: 0, 1: 1, 4: 0)
1: 0 Kovar 35., 1: 1 Mauer 38., 2: 1 Voracek 46., 3: 1 Kubalik 52., 4: 1 Palat 54., 5: 1 Kovar 60. (EN)

PP1 hit with the player more

* Expansion

Slovenia is the only candidate for second-class SP 2020

The leadership of the ice hockey federation of Slovenia attended the Congress in Bratislava today, which presented the candidacy for hosting the second-rate world championship (Division I, Group A) in Stožice next year.

Among the Slovenes, the desire to host was also expressed by the Romans, but the rule says that the candidacy of a new member (Romania) is only valid if there is no other candidacy. Romanians have withdrawn their candidacy, so Slovenia is only waiting for the formal confirmation of the SP 2020 hosting in Stožice.

Second World Cup 2020 will be in Stožice.

Second World Cup 2020 will be in Stožice.
Photo: Matic Klanšek Velej / Sportida

Next year they will play in the second class of the second class in Slovenia France, Austria (both were eliminated from the elite), Hungary, South Korea and Romania.

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The Russians also showed their muscles against the Swedes, the North American derby of slippery Canada

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The defenders wait for the defenders of the title, Muršak over the Finnish podrške

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