George Clooney: Amal turned my life upside down

Once considered the world’s most desirable man, George Clooney is now a devoted family man. In an interview with Tracy Smith, he shared what family means to him.

Georgein Amal Clooney they married in 2014 and had twins three years later, Alexandra in It. George, who is currently promoting a new movie The Midnight sky, he said: There is no doubt that Amal turned my life upside down. Doubtless. Everything she did and everything revolving around her became more important than the things that worried me. ‘

George in Amal ClooneyPHOTO: Profimedia

The Hollywood actor has an interview with Tracy Smith also revealed that he had never carefully planned the engagement, but immediately felt that the time was right. So he knelt on his knee for twenty minutes and waited for her to breathe ‘yes’. ‘Finally. I was almost on the hip. ‘

The actor added that as soon as he met Amal, he planned to start a family with her. ‘We never discussed whether we would have children. We just knew that and the ultrasound quickly confirmed the pregnancy. ‘

The family spends a lot of time at home in Los Angeles during the pandemic. ‘I haven’t washed that much laundry in a while and I haven’t cleaned up all day. I feel like my mother in 1964, when she had two children, but without help ‘ the 59-year-old joked.

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