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HoT increases the amount of data transfer

The fastest growing Slovenian virtual operator in the third year with improved rates.

HoT, HOFER Telekom, on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary, the rates were further improved. From now on, users of the HoT MAXI and HoT EXTRA rates have a further 10 GB of data transfer for use in Slovenia. In addition to the unlimited number of minutes of calls and text messages in Slovenia, the unlimited price of EUR 9.99 is available to users of the HoT MAXI rate, which is 30 GB, and for the unchanged price of EUR 14.99, HoT EXTRA 60 GB included.

Existing users automatically add a larger amount of data transfer without changing the rate and without additional costs. With this, HoT continues to promise that the new benefits of possible rate changes will apply to all users of HoT services. As the head of mobile operator HoT, Eva Aljančič, said, they are very satisfied with the growth in the Slovenian market: "After two years we have more than 70,000 users, which makes us one of the fastest growing virtual operators in Slovenia. We continue to record constant growth, which is an excellent result for a newcomer in a mature market. "

High success in HoT is attributed to the following important benefits of the offer:

  • The best price / data transfer ratio: up to 30 GB of data transfer for less than 10 euros or even 60 GB of data transfer for less than 15 euros.
  • Fair offer: HoT does not irritate and will not inflate its rates and does not charge administrative services such as rate changes, connection costs, interruptions, etc.
  • Excellent customer service: the response time in the HoT call center is by far the shortest for mobile operators, with an average of less than 20 seconds.
  • Easy to use and extensive digital channel management: almost half of the HoT users manage the service via the My HoT mobile application and they also have a web portal. Users can easily and completely free of charge change their user account settings, change their rates for free, make phone calls, etc.

Two years and 97% satisfied users
All this is reflected in the extremely high satisfaction of HoT users1: no less than 97 percent of HoT users are satisfied with HoT, of which 71 percent are extremely or very satisfied.

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