Ilka Štuhec in a champion movie

Above the victory Ilke Stuhets she was very excited Katja Koren, a bronze Olympian from 1994. She did not accompany the ski in front of the television screen, but with the help of modern technology she followed the contest by telephone.

Ilka Štuhec and Lindsey Vonn


Ilka Štuhec extended the mandate of the queen of queens for the king




Ilka has already received a gold medal

Ilka Štuhec received a gold medal on Sunday evening during the ceremony in the center of Aare. The company was staged by the emotional Swiss girl Corinne Suter and Lindsey Vonn, who won her rich career (82 victories) with a bronze medal. American and Slovenian flags prevailed among the public, while Ilkka's success was also celebrated by the Ptuj kurenti.


"I'm really glad she did it"

Maribor said that this success is good for both Ilko and Slovenian skiing. "In short, everything is very positive.According to her, as far as I can see on the phone, it can be seen that Ilka is again the right one to be able to take the top of the race and that in her mind it is nothing more than a victory that she can become the world champion, because at that moment you all have to coincide, but if I can say that I was not surprised by her victory, Ilka is able to do this with her physical and physical preparedness. "said the former top skier of Slovenia.

It was only a matter of time

This success of Ilka is all the more valuable because she returned this year after a serious injury. Ilka had to leave the whole season because of the torn crosses at the front, but she immediately returned to the best.

"Ilka, with her physical and physical readiness, is able to do this, and I am very glad she did," Ilka's success was commemorated by Katja Koren.
Photo: Sportida

"This is an additional proof of how good she is, Ilka is often injured and often returns after an injury. It is usually difficult to come back after the first injury, which depends on each individual." Ilka was wounded in top form for the final injuries and it was only a matter of time that she would return, and her return was very intentional. When Ilka said she had thrown away this "backpack", she no longer treated the injuries. I think we are more worried about her injury than she herself, "said Korenova, who remembers her great success in such successes when she won bronze in Lillehammer in 1994 in a slalom.

And what would Katya Ilki advise in the future? "She knows best what is needed for such a victory: these are the most beautiful feelings, keep them in the future and fight for yourself and for your soul." It seems that Ilka likes to ski and that is something, feel good. keep her path that she has. "

Štuhec Pahor tumb


President Pahor will have the golden Ilka Štuhec to keep his promise




Crazy, the best possible scenario

Like Koren, she was Alenka Dovžan at the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, bronze, but in the Alpine Combination.

Nor was she in front of the television screen while Ilka was driving, while her daughter took part in the Rok Petrovič monument in Kranjska Gora. She broadcast the game via the radio and applauded Ilka's success. She also knows very well how difficult it is to win a medal in this marvelous competition, although Stuhceva seemed to have fully realized: "Crazy, the best script possible. Lindsey Vonn third place. "

"It's descending, it did not surprise me, it looks like it's alive for skiing, it's a real test."
Photo: Žiga Zupan / Sportida

Is she looking at Ilkin's success from a different angle, given that she missed her knee due to surgery and rehabilitation in the previous season? "I look different … If it was the first time, it would be different, I look first to the point that it was at a very high level before the injury, and then I pump these feelings forward I do not know which of the injuries was already present, she knew it by those last who were serious, prepared and come to the top … Kapo down It did not surprise me: you see that she lives for skiing, she is the right test. "

Alenka is proud that many successful athletes come from Slovenia, but she realizes that alpine skiing is quite different times than in the past. Everything is more individually oriented.

Ilka Stuhets


Ilka knew it at the beginning

"Sport in Slovenia is developing enormously"

"When we look at the whole sport in Slovenia, we can be very proud that we have so many aces, that we have something more in our game." Eventually we have all the stars in the sport, Luka Dončić is in basketball and there are quite a few guys in football. I can not say what this means for skiing. It has become a more individual sport within the team. It will be difficult to have a strong team than in the past. We will have individuals such as Tina Maze and Ilka Štuhec. There is so much tradition for us to always have someone, but we will not have strong teams, "Dovzanova thinks.

"It's a reflection of the champion, it's Ilka."

Before she left for Aara, Ilko Ilir welcomed in Maribor Mitja Dragšič, who plays the role of head of the match in the Golden Fox. Our skier has performed in the giant slalom, although she does not train him as a quick discipline.

"Ilka has repeatedly shown that she is right: she is a top performer for her, she did not see any mistakes because she ran from start to finish, she was unbeaten today, her ride was compact, the real school for all skiers," she was happy Mitja Dragšič.
Photo: MaPa

"We spoke a few words, but not about the World Cup, but it was already released, I was glad she decided to play for the domestic fans, although she had a complete schedule, which is a reflection of the champion, and Ilka is to appear for domestic fans, to tell a lot about her character, and she also wanted a good ranking, and now we see that the implementation in Maribor was not annoying, it was filled with household energy, but some were skeptical about it saving energy instead of being given to her fans, she is very relaxed and communicative and she is recently in the championship film, it is very difficult to beat someone like that, "said the former skier.

Lindsey Vonn


A letter from the ladies who have changed from skiing




"It was easy everything was training"

Then Dragšič hit Ilkina who is riding the shortened ski today, which was for the school books. "The tension was already in the beginning, in principle I was a bit scared because it was so self-assured in recent days, sometimes you do not want to lose hundreds, but you have to be faithful to all changes in the starting points, the factors of the time. … Ilka has repeatedly shown that she was right, she was a top performer, she did not see any mistakes because she ran from start to finish, she was unbeatable today, her drive was compact, she was a real school for all skiers, she was very compact in all waves, like every competitor wants to provide the job and what the trainers think. The inch of space did not let go, it was just that everything was school. & # 39;

"She tells a lot about her that she was able to come together and win the medal, she has not won 82 victories at the World Cup, she and Aksel Lund Svindal have shown that they are champions." One of the best, if not the best skier to date, "said Dragsic about Vonnova.
Photo: Reuters

Lindsey Vonn was also the center of attention. Not only because of the last career trip, but also because of the excellent performance that led to the bronze medal. In her last career she has again proven why she enjoyed so many successes during the active ski season: "I was not surprised she was the third, she also showed her maximum, she had a lot of problems for the show. say she could still collect and win the medal and she has no free 82 victories in the World Cup. Aksel Lund Svindal They have shown that they are champions. One of the best, if not even the best skier to date. "

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