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Is your phone safe?

Smartphones follow us at every turn. They have become our most important devices and consequently our most loyal assistants who help us with different tasks. We use them for photography, listening to music, playing games, navigating in unfamiliar places, recording notes during important meetings, watching videos on YouTube, communicating with friends and, of course, most importantly, storing a variety of information and information. Even the most sensitive. That is why they must be adequately protected.

Today we use social networks on phones, such as Facebook and Instagram, various e-mail accounts, chat applications, cloud services in which important files are stored, and also electronic banks. These are a lot of private data that we do not want to get into the wrong hands. In fact, if we use the phone for business purposes, we also have access to company information from our company.

With the popularization and the increasing use of smartphones, security threats have also been expanded. Traditionally, we have in one way or another taken for granted the use of antivirus programs, passwords and firewalls on computers, but we have not yet implemented this culture on telephones. Well, we should do that. There are more and more dangers that threaten the users of smartphones, and they especially strive to place data. That is why it is very important to properly protect your phone and therefore its contents.

Only install official applications

The most harmful software that can endanger the operation of your phone or steal your data is in unverified applications from unknown sources. Therefore, you should avoid such apps and install only official apps from trusted sources, such as the Google Play Store. If you require an affordable request but are not willing to deduct the required amount, look for the alternative between the free amount. Almost always found. In any case, do not search for these applications for sources that they offer for free unless they have been officially approved by the developer. Because of this you only encounter problems.

It's true that some kind of malicious application is crept into the Play Store itself, but this is more of an exception than the rule, but in most cases it's more boutique applications that are not shown on the first page. Google is also constantly working to secure their digital store with Google Play Protect, which you can enable on your Android phone. If you enable it, your phone is automatically checked for malicious code when you install a specific application.

Update the software regularly

Another important step that relates to the first is the updates of the operating system itself and installed applications. Regular updates not only reduce the chance of infection with the virus, but also ensure a stable operation of your phone. Android, nowadays the dominant operating system on smartphones, is an open source platform that is constantly being upgraded. Updates open holes, offer better compatibility with applications, add new functionality and often speed up the performance of the phone. Therefore, the same rules apply to phones as to computers: update the software regularly.

Install antivirus protection

To protect you against viruses and other digital pests, you can also use special antivirus programs. Play pretty much in the Play Store, but it's best to hit the most familiar and familiar names, such as AVG, Avast, Norton, ESET, Kaspersky and others. Some phones, such as the new Mate 20 Pro Huawei flying horse, have integrated system protection so that you do not have to do anything. Perhaps only that you repeat the review of the phone again and again.

Connect only to verified Wi-Fi networks

Most smartphone functionality is based on an internet connection. Either mobile or in a Wi-Fi wireless network. Houses and businesses already have large wireless networks nowadays, because more and more devices are needed for an internet connection. Usually we connect with the phone as often as possible, because we store valuable mobile data in this way. However, this is not always the best choice because not all wireless networks are safe. This applies in particular to public and easily accessible networks. You better avoid them. However, if you are already connecting to wireless networks in public places, do not use banking and other important services where misuse can cause significant damage to them or in different circumstances.

Disable access to your phone

In the above rules we mainly touched on the digital threats that can disrupt your phone and data remotely. In any case, it is not necessary to ignore any physical interventions and unauthorized use that you can derive from the table or bag. It can happen quickly that you forget it on a table in a restaurant or in a different public place, and if the finder is not unambiguous, you can quickly gain insight into your digital life. Therefore keep the phone with you and protect it with the correct safety mechanisms.

PIN codes and patterns have been known for some time and new technologies have been developed with the development of technology, including the main fingerprint reader and the facial recognition system. Both systems represent a high level of protection if they are only properly made. Huawei has made a major shift in this area, which is considered one of the fastest growing names in the field of mobile telephony. Over the past year, Huawei has been known to all manufacturers, with the highest growth in phone sales, as they have sold more than 30% more than the year before. Of course, especially at the expense of high-quality workmanship and innovative functions, including security.

Phone of the next generation

The new Huawei Mate 20 Pro combines a fingerprint reader integrated into the screen itself and an advanced 3D camera-based face recognition system that includes depth, infrared cameras, an infrared projector and proximity sensor. This registration creates a detailed 3D virtual footprint of the user's face, consisting of 30,000 points, which means that it is practically impossible to navigate around. Namely, the possibility of incorrect reading is less than 1: 1,000,000. In addition, it is also very responsive because of the completed system, since the phone is unlocked in 0.6 seconds if you show him the right face.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro is also safe for natural & # 39; enemies & # 39 ;, like water and dust. It can be praised with the IP68 standard.

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