Marquez in the last interview before surgery: The doctor needs to know how to stop you

The Spanish media echoes Marco Marquez’s statements of the eight-time world champion in an interview for the online platform DAZN, just before leaving for surgery. The Catalan did not skimp on criticism at the expense of doctors after he had to undergo a third operation in Jerez on Thursday after an initial injury to his upper arm in July.

The season, which (also) should have been characterized by the fraternal collaboration in the Repsol Honda garage, quickly ended for the older Marco Marquez (photo right).PHOTOS: MotoGP

Marc Marquez has been in an interview before DAZNsaid it was still possible that he would not have to undergo a third operation, which ultimately proved inevitable. According to the website of the Madrid daily newspaper, he underwent surgery on his upper arm for the third time on Thursday ASMarquez suffered from pseudoarthrosis, the formation of a “false” joint as a result of poor healing. By some estimates, he won’t be ready to race until May, but he announced before going under the knife that everything would be fine by March.

“I expect to be ready at the beginning of the season. There are several options, there is still the possibility of a third operation,”is for DAZNsaid the serial world champion.While there are many more chances that it will eventually cure, it is also possible that I may need surgery again. But even in this case, the doctors estimate that I will be ready for the season start. I am absolutely sure I will not. come back until I’m one hundred percent, “he continued.

“I have never worried that on my return I would not be the same as before. So I am waiting to be completely healed because when I come back I want to be the same as before so that the deadline does not affect my performance I will have to be ready, with all over my body so that I can take so many risks again, that is in my DNA, because of that I have achieved what I am. “

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‘Return was premature’
Marquez’s statements about doctors, who he believes “ should know how to stop ” and “ be realistic ” when he asked them after the first surgery after the ugly fall in Jerez, when he could be on a motorcycle again, were special. remarkable.

“I learned a lot of things. Let’s just say the comeback was premature,”now Marquez admits.“The tile broke when I opened the sliding door in my own garden, but that wasn’t the main reason, it happened because of all the stress that had accumulated in Jerez. It was a mistake. What did I learn? That we racers have one. The upside and downside is that we don’t see the risks. That means they have to force us to see the fear, now I know I have to hold on a lot more, “he added.

After the first operation, I asked, “When can I climb on the motorcycle?” That’s when the doctor needs to know how to stop you, to be a realist I went to Jerez with an assurance that everything would be fine because they told me I’m brave but not reckless. I’m not three hundred in Jerez. It’s all about looking to the future. ‘

Peace without resounding moves to the title
He also touched last season, which was characterized by unpredictability and the overall victory of his compatriot from Mallorca. Joana Mira (Suzuki ECSTAR). The star of the champion Repsol Honda, who had to hand in titles in all categories without his help, was amazed that the order could not be predicted, even if the race took place, for example, a week delay on the same circuit.

“I didn’t understand. Even on the same track, with a week off, the standings changed completely,”Marquez wonders.“I really want to go back and see what’s going on. Peace? He was the most stable, he deserved to be world champion. In this championship, stability was the most important, without doing anything out of this world, achieved. he took the title. “Considering this is his second year in MotoGP, it’s quite an achievement as he beat the theoretical favorites,”Mira praised the Catalan and concluded:

“Next year Mir will be the champion and he has to defend the crown, but nevertheless you always have to fight to be the best. Next year the motorcycles will be the same, they will not change, that means it is all up to you, you have to fight for the title. Peace will do because he’s talented, he’s proven it. But of course I’ll try to take that title away from him. “

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