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One suicide wasn't enough?

Slovenian singer Jadranka Juras is alone Facebook published a sharp report because of the reactions of the public regarding the appearance and behavior of Slovenian representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest. Zala King and Gašper Šantel have raised quite some dust in recent days, and the Slovenian and world media have responded.

Some people complain that the finals have not been lucky enough, others greet their simplicity. Jurassos was angry about the negative comments that young representatives have received in recent days. She wrote this (unpublished):

"I don't watch the Eurovision Song Contest, I follow these two young people in the media and the first thing that is really no longer cheated" is – are you media or are you normal? Do you know what kind of problems you are pushing people into in your bizarre search and want for as many readers as possible? What has happened in recent years in Slovenia from the rector, who committed suicide because of your extremely unethical madness … I mean, where are you going with public lynching? One suicide was not enough ??? And the comments of premature anonymous, disturbed by someone who is able to pursue your goals with your own commitment, diligence and self-sacrifice – whether you are able to understand that slurping slurry in others only reflects your envy and point the finger at others, are others guilty of your incompetence ???! It is really annoying to read these subordinated comments. Let people know what they want to be! Zala and Gašper don't threaten you with anything, they don't steal or lie. But you prefer such things, don't you, because for those who lie to you, steal and threaten the future of us all, you don't have enough in your pants to do anything. I already show this primitive and frightening behavior of not so few Slovenes and Slovenes! Everyone who (m) about & # 39; other & # 39; is threatening you all, all in a row. If they are not "branch forests", we are vegans, if we are not vegans, migrants, if they are not migrants, they are "darling", if they are not "children", they are EME winners. I mean, who do you think you think someone is interested in your opinion about everyone and everyone you are capable of commenting on anything and every one ??? As for someone else guilty of your misery, you are never alone. A tip – get a life! It will be enough! "

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