PHOTO: the stylish SUV from Couleille from Ingolstadt (PHOTO)

At this moment, the youngest member of the Audi Q-family of sports ground Q is a courier company Q8, which shares the platform and drives aggregates with the sister Q7, and their development was carried out separately.

Ingolstadt engineers have created a 4.99-meter-long field, which is shorter, but wider compared to the Q7, with a 20-mm-larger wheelbase. The passenger compartment, including those on the rear seats, is therefore more than sufficient in Q8. At this point, we are praising that even passengers in the rear seats have cleared enough space, even for the head, despite the coupe line. The one who came in was impressed by the space. Last but not least, the luggage compartment also puts it in service: it has a low loading side and a function that allows you to lower the rear of the vehicle (with air suspension versions), you can load 605 liters of luggage and 1755 liters of seats on the seats.

Audi Q8 50 TDI quattro


Porsche Slovenia, Ljubljana
Price: 83.400 € (test car 128.936 €)
Euro NCAP: The test has not yet been completed.
CO₂ emissions: 178 g / km

The driver's workspace is heavily digitized and connected to the World Wide Web. PHOTO: Blaz Kondz

You will notice the prestige and elegance of a newcomer at every millimeter: Alcantara leather upholstery and leather, elegant vents that run through the dashboard, instrument panel and shimmering black lacquered decorative elements. Last but not least, even the central locking system was inaudible. Part of this prestige was undoubtedly contributed by the additional accessory to destroy the test vehicle. A long list of supplements reinforced him from the starting 83,400 euros by more than 45,000. It is only a pity that most advanced assistance systems were part of the accessory.

Quattro all-wheel drive with mechanical middle differential is serial. PHOTO: Blaz Kondz

The powertrain, a 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbo with a maximum power of 210 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 600 Nm, is very attached to this and is a piece by Audi. A mild hybrid technology also contributes to the higher efficiency, allowing longer sailing phases with the engine off and extended start-stop function, which is activated when the speed is reduced to 22 km / h. Something that you have to get used to. The average consumption of the test nevertheless amounted to no less than 9.3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers (6.8 l / 100 km in its homologation) and quickly exceeded 10 liters on urban routes. No wonder, because the scales to which the Q8 would drive would have shown a good 2.2 tons. In addition, the quattro all-wheel drive with a mechanical mid-range differential is also an 8-speed automatic tiptronic transmission. The four-wheel steering is also available, making the Q8 more agile and fun to drive, and flexible air suspension.

Classic switches are used. PHOTO: Blaz Kondz

The driver's workplace is heavily digitized and connected to the World Wide Web: instead of classic meters, there is a screen with meters, the infotainment system has a SIM card slot and most functions of the vehicle are operated via two touch-sensitive central displays. Even to turn on the hazard lights, there is no longer a classic switch. Although such a solution is more beautiful, I personally believe that classic switches are still more suitable for some frequently used functions, which (as a rule) requires no deviation from the road map. During the night I was impressed by intelligent LED headlights that constantly adapt to traffic conditions.

605 liters of luggage can be loaded in the trunk, while 1755 liters can be loaded on the back seat. PHOTO: Blaz Kondz

Second opinion

Seven in the sporting headquarters of Audi Q8 and I wonder: how sporty or dynamic, to be safe and acceptable, can the "sport" Q7 really go? We know what we are talking about? We are in the impossibly large and formative dominant environment of the new Q8, which seems to be a matter of how Audrey engineers faced the challenge they faced. That is the way they were instructed to prepare the tanker for the Barcolana regatta. With a car that is more formally closer to the laborgini of the urus, which, among other things, divides the body gene design, I went with turns – a direct steering wheel, a precise position and exceptional stability to convince a driver who still enjoys a classic, not autonomous ride. Q8 is the car of many talents. It can be a business gem for annoying rivals and spoiled colleagues or an incredible family partner and can easily be a presidential vehicle. Andrej Brglez

Acoustic glazing. PHOTO: Blaz Kondz

There is plenty of room behind it. PHOTO: Blaz Kondz

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