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President Barça has taken away all doubts: Valverde is the one we want

Barcelona & Josep Maria Bartomeu, for a good week after a painful break from his club in the semifinals of the Champions League, has publicly declared for the first time that management continues to trust Coach Ernest Valverde. Barca and Spaniard scored a 3-0 lead in the first game with a Spanish-born teammate for the second consecutive season, and after a quarter final with Romo (0: 3), this time too early in the game, they also fired in the half final against Liverpool (0: 4).

Valverde (on the photo) during the last competition match in-house Camp Nou against Getafe.PHOTO: AP

When presenting the book about the club legend Laszlo Kubali is the president of Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu publicly supported by the team's trainer Ernest Valverdey, who was, despite winning the country's title, the second in the second season on Barca bank, under heavy criticism about the high defeat in Liverpool (0: 4). There, for the second consecutive season, under the Spaniard, the Catalan club has fought with a big defeat since the next competition in the Champions League after scoring three goals in the first place.


Bartomeu, after the whistle of the last referee in Anfield, announced a "deep reflection" from the administration, a good week after his return from the Ottok and nine days before the last match of the Spanish Cup against Valencia, he showed full support .

Players who are already Barcini will talk after the final
"He is the trainer we want,"the website of the Madrid diary ASBartomeu quotes. "He has the support of the president and the administration, I told him that day,"continued the first man Barça, who also hit himself, when he coached the coach in the middle of the current season to expand the contract by 2020.

"We count on him in the medium and long term, he has a contract and we are very satisfied with him" he added to Bartomeu, who is already working with his colleagues for the following season. Transfer of Ajax binders Frenkie de Jongahas been confirmed for some time, followed by his clubmate, defender Matthias de Ligt, while the club's long-standing wish with Camp Nou, the French striker Antoine Griezmann, recently announced his letter from Atletico Madrid and a transfer of 120 million to an unnamed club.

"We have already signed contracts with some players and we will talk about it when the finals pass" he still placed Bartomeu mysteriously.


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