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Prince Edward pounded the shovel and planted a tree with Pahor

President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor His Prince of Prussia visits his home in Slovenia Edward Count of Wesses, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II.

President Pahor first met Prime Minister Prince Edward in the presidential palace this morning and then attended the MEPI event at Park Tivoli.

MEPI is a worldwide known youth program that enables young people between the ages of 14 and 25 to discover, develop and realize their potential through active participation through various activities.

Prince Edward is the chairman of the International Council of the International Youth Program and the special honorary sponsor of the program, while President Pahor is the honorary sponsor of the MEPI program in Slovenia.

In the opening address of the event organized by the MEPI program and the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC), Prince Edward advised that youth education should focus on preparing for the world, not just knowledge, because they also need to be resistant against all challenges.

"What happens outside the classroom can be more or less as important as what happens in the classroom," assessed the importance of non-formal education for the future of young people and their employability.

He also emphasized that employers not only need knowledge, but also wisdom in youth."Knowledge is the knowledge that tomatoes are fruits, and wisdom is to give tomatoes in a fruit salad,"the prince complained.

At a later round table, the Count of Wesseski said that young people should recognize and develop the passion, while at the same time presenting the various options available to them. Adults must respond to the demands of young people as mentors, he added. That is exactly what he says in his assessment of the said program, set up by his father, Prince Philipand now he is the president of the Edward International Council.

Other participants at the round table at Grand Hotel Union also recognized the importance of non-formal education for young people, which can lead to a more successful life and business path.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Education Martina Vuk it acknowledged the need for a reform of the education system, which keeps pace with time, and that they are already engaged in various discussions in this regard. She emphasized the importance of values ​​and skills that young people can offer, for example facts can be quickly checked online online.

Also director of the Gymnasium Celje – Center Gregor Delej recognizes that knowledge is no longer the primary task of teachers and that it is important to integrate different education and training sessions."We are teachers of the 20th century who teach children of the 21st century using the methods of the 19th century,"he was critical.

He himself argues for inclusive pedagogy, which includes students, because we can learn a lot from them, he emphasized. According to Delo & # 39; s assessment, MEPI enables young people to develop inclusive thinking and caring for other people and become people who know how to set the right goal and pursue what every employee should expect from his employee.

The opinion of the employer at the round table was advocated by the chairman of the board of NLB Blaž Brodnjak, which, however, has warned that the current generation of young people have become accustomed to it immediately, "immediate" satisfaction when they receive more than 100 likes immediately after publication on some of the social networks, thereby confirming that something has been done right. This is not the case in the business world, because it has been waiting for several years for promotion, he added.

He believes that young people must learn to invest time, patience, and effort to achieve the highest goals.

They met more than 200 young people

& # 39; In the morning, President Pahor and Prince Edward met more than 200 young people who were preparing workshops in many areas, they were introduced to the skills that young people learned the most, and they learned about what the program actually has to offer them.

To mark the encounter, the tree was planted with young people as a symbol of friendship between Great Britain and Slovenia and saw the appearance of young talents from the British International School in Ljubljana and the Škofja Loka Gymnasium.

President Pahor and Prince Edvard received the gold prizes from 51 Slovenian MEPI program participants in 2013 on the occasion of their first visit to the Republic of Slovenia.

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