Reader marvels at scene he rarely sees (PHOTO)

Many of the restrictions that have been reassessing life in Europe over the past month are designed to stop the spread of the sars-cov2 virus. These include a ban on gathering and socializing in Slovenia for persons not belonging to the same household or close relatives, and a curfew.

That is why both police officers and the health inspectorate have full surveillance. Reader Peter he sent us a photo from the Jarš area and wrote: “We rarely see anything like this in our area. Police are keeping an eye on Šmartinski Park and surrounding streets. I didn’t notice the officer was punishing anyone. However, it is interesting to see two horsemen in this part of Ljubljana. “

For the rest, the latest data from the Health Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia shows that last week (from 9 to 15 November) the total number of inspections carried out of ZIRS and inspection bodies specified in PKP5 related to the management of COVID-19 was 2578 . 104 criminal penalties, 236 warnings and 120 administrative measures were imposed.

1600 quarantine certificates, 783 violations

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the police continuously monitor activities in the field related to registered and especially unregistered public gatherings (more than 90% of them). “From May 1 to November 16, 2020, 378 public gatherings were held

Police surveillance in Jarše. PHOTO: Reader Peter

police found violations of the Infectious Diseases Act, the Protection of Public Order and Peace Act and the Public Gatherings Act. In these events, the police also collected notices and dealt with circumstances that at the time of the hearing indicated a suspicion that 47 crimes had been committed. When performing public security duties in guarding public gatherings, police officers mainly used powers such as identification, coercive measures, detention and transfer. From 10 to 16 November 2020, the police received 235 reports of violations of the regulation, their own findings of violations were 1,500. They issued 1001 warnings or warrants under ZNPPol or ZNB and initiated 783 criminal proceedings under ZNB (PKP5). From 10 to 16 November 2020, the police issued 1,600 certificates of referral to home quarantine at the border. “

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