Samsung announced a war with Chinese manufacturers with a new family of phones!

Samsung will try to put Chinese handsets on the edge of Galaxy M products.Samsung will try to put Chinese handsets on the edge of Galaxy M products.

Today, flooding in the property market is cheap, but good smart mobile Phones, and the credit goes mainly to Chinese manufacturers and brands that are becoming increasingly popular among users. It often happens that Chinese manufacturers offer phones that are not only cheap but also powerful enough for the most demanding tasks. Since this of course includes the profits of reputable mobile phone manufacturers, they are with the company Samsung they decided to end this.

Samsung will fight Chinese smartphone makers with a new set of phones, naturally available in the middle price range. With this in mind, it will gradually leave the smartphones of the Galaxy J, Galaxy On and Galaxy C families and create brand new family mobile devices. Galaxy M. Initially, Samsung will offer two smartphones from the new family, equipped with factory tags SM-M205F and SM-M305F, and on the shelves of stores will be sold as girlaxy M20 and Galaxy M30.

About Samsung & # 39; s new smartphones Samsung Galaxy Galaxy is currently unknown. The SM-M205F (Galaxy M20) should have a built-in memory capacity of 32 gigabytes and 64 gigabytes, while the more powerful model SM-M305F (Galaxy M20) will have 64 gigabytes of space and 128 gigabytes of storage space. Both models must be sold with support for one and two phone cards. More about Samsung & # 39; s new smartphones Samsung Galaxy M should be known before the end of this year.

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