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She didn't think about the children, and then Ryan happened

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes rarely appear on a red carpet and also do not want to talk about their private lives. Now the star has made an exception and talked about her husband and family.

Eva Mendes and Ryan GoslingPHOTO: Profimedia

45-year-old actress and model Eva Mendes has repeatedly emphasized in the past that she has no desire for marriage and family. But of course the situation changed when she fell in love with the player Ryan Gosling. They met in 2011 while filming The fate of your fathers, they were born in 2014 Esmeralda Amada, two years later their daughters cheered Amade Lee.

A few of their relationships do not ring the bell, but the Hollywood actress is now in favor of the magazine Women's health made an exception and revealed some details from her private life. So she admitted that the desire for children came when she fell in love with her partner: "Suddenly I wanted children, his children."

The actress, who adorns the May edition of the magazine, acknowledged that it was not easy to raise children, but she said she slowly felt like a person again. Despite the fact that sometimes it is not easy to be in the role of mommy, this is the best thing for her and motherhood is always in the first place. So she changed the acting ambitions for motherhood, adding that she is currently & # 39; more ambitious at home than in the workplace & # 39; used to be.

In her interview, she also mentioned the mainstay composed by grandmothers, aunts, and uncle, and alongside her, she joked to help her all. They also pay close attention to the fact that they do not notice their daughters, which stars are parents. "I try not to notice how much attention I have to pay to my appearance, I do not see me when I am preparing for something, you do not see me at work."The woman only wants to see her daughter as a mother: "I'm happy if I can only be a mother …"

"I'm happy if I can only be a mother …"PHOTO: Profimedia

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