Škerbinc: It is not right to use the SAF as a hostage in some political interests

Slovenian Armed Forces commander Brigadier General Miha Škerbinc responded to Jadranka Juras’s statements in a Saturday broadcast on RTV Slovenia, where she said, among other things, that Slovenian soldiers “go on missions and kill the local population”. As he said, this has not been an isolated case of late, with different interests at the back of the Slovenian army. “Such statements are offensive, but they also make us sad,” he felt. He also expects Juras to apologize.

In Saturday’s show beseda Zadnja on RTV Slovenia, which she hosts Valentina Smej Novak, is the one with his guests Milena Miklavčič, Katarina Kresal and Jadranko Juras spoke about current social issues. Speaking on the issue of providing investments in the Slovenian military, as part of which the government intends to provide € 780 million in additional resources for military investment over the next six years, Smej Novakova said these are resolutions and the fulfillment of earlier commitments made. government. In connection with the more than 28,000 signatures to initiate referendum proceedings presented to the National Assembly by the parties SD and Levica, she said:

“It’s also a propaganda communication loop for sure. We all make decisions, it’s like asking people if they have war or peace – everyone would have peace. It’s not a dilemma at all. And I think it’s very important to Mobilizing 28,000 people.responsibility, also a strong message, but at the same time when people are mobilized through caricatures, which is not historically best practice. “

Jurasova replied: “Personally, I think it is a great responsibility that you go on a mission and kill the local population. It is a great responsibility that our soldiers go somewhere where they are not defending Slovenia at all, but are involved in the global war on terror. has been going on since then. in 2001 and it doesn’t seem to end … “

Škerbinc: Such statements are offensive and sadden us

Today, the Commander of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Brigadier General, on behalf of the Slovenian Armed Forces, responded to her words Miha Škerbinc. As he said, this statement has not been an isolated case of late when it comes to the fact that several interests are being violated on the back of the Slovenian army. “You remember the spitting on the guard, you remember what the journalists called the incident at the border, also the recent allegations of unprofessional work by Slovenian army pilots. This time I think it went a step further. Connecting, speaking or hinting that SAF members are going on missions to kill the local population is an insult to us, but also to our professional dignity. “

Miha Škerbinc says it is not right to use the SAF as a hostage in some political interests.PHOTOS: POP TV

He recalled that a quarter of a century will soon pass since the Slovenian military has worked together within various international organizations to ensure global peace and security. They are currently on nine missions. “There has been no incident worth mentioning anywhere and the members of the SAF have always performed all duties with honor and responsibility. I would just say that it is not right to use the SAF as a hostage in certain political or other interests, to achieve other ends at our expense,he added, adding that SAF members are employed by the homeland.The SAF is the army of all citizens of the Republic of Slovenia! ”

Škerbinc also believes it would be good for Juras to apologize to SAF members for what she said. With regard to claiming any other responsibility, he said this was not within his competence, but that a decision would be made by the Secretary of Defense and the Chief of General Staff.

He also called for “when it comes to criticizing members of the SAF, it should not be done in an offensive manner, but should be done with arguments ”.

Money for weapons or health?

Juras’s statement caused a stir, especially on the right, the former SDS Home SecretaryVinko Gorenakhe publicly called on RTV Slovenia to apologize to the Slovenian army, but canceled the broadcast.

It should be recalled that the SD and the left on Thursday submitted more than 28,000 signatures to the National Assembly to initiate referendum proceedings. They accuse the government of wasting money on weapons during the health, social and economic crisis. At a special session on Friday, the National Assembly then discussed the decision that a referendum on the military investment law is not possible, and the National Assembly approved the decision on the inadmissibility of the referendum by 51 votes to 33 against. The delegates from the left see this as an abuse of power and are therefore already preparing further steps. Coordinator Luka Mesec He announced before the vote that they would turn to the Constitutional Court to vote on this resolution.

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