SRAMOTA in the Premier League! How much do you have to pay for your child on the playground with Harry Kane?

In the English divisions they have the habit that one of the children who accompanies the arrival of the playground is also a mascot of the competition.

And for such honor clubs parents ask heavily. For children such an event is really something special, but children of wealthy parents have a big advantage, because it is necessary to dive into the pocket for such an honor.

The fact that the child accompanies the football players on the field is included in the prize that the mascot is also included – a copy of the sweater, a photo team with the captain's signature and a few other small things.

And the price? They are the most expensive in Everton when parents have to pay 800 euros if they want to cheer up their children in such a way. The prize for such a favor is for Everton West Ham United, which costs 775 euros, then Leicester – 665 euros and then Tottenham with 450 euros. For the departure of players, they have to pay between € 437 and € 250 at Wolves, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Burnley, Fulham, Cardiff, Watford and Bournemouth.

Some English clubs do not bring children with this "honor". They are: Arsenal, Chelsea, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Newcastle United and Southampton.

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