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That is why the new iPad Pro probably will not be of service to us for long

We must be very careful with the new iPad Pro tablet.We must be very careful with the new iPad Pro tablet.

partnership Apple in the context of the recent conference, presented a renovated iPad Pro tablet, which has slightly thinner edges than its predecessor. This was followed by the hopeful engineers by removing the "home" button, which was not really useful for the heart. Instead, computer gigantic technicians have added Face ID technology for easier and faster logging and a USB-C connector, which is now virtually mandatory. The new Apple iPad Pro tablet is available in two versions, with a 27.9-inch or 11-inch screen and a 32.8-inch or 12.9-inch Liquid Retina LCD screen. The novelty is considerably more compact at the expense of the smaller edges and is no larger than the usual sheet of A4 paper, and it measures only 5.9 millimeters in thickness, which means that it is about 15 percent thinner compared to its predecessor.

However, since the tablet is one of the most "misused" electronic devices, and not cheap, in addition to the smartphone, the enthusiast Zack Nelson with a pseudonym »JerryRigEverything"Made the decision to test the resilience of a newcomer in practice.The screen protector was resistant to scratches to a hardness of 6, which means that it will serve us for a long time with a somewhat cautious application.When using the flame, appeared the first damage to the screen after 10 seconds and immediately repaired completely.When performing these tests it was immediately clear that the protective glass of the screen was very thin and flexible, and at the same time the case was very fragile & # 39 to be, because Apple engineers had to compromise numerous compromises to reduce the thickness of the new iPad Pro tablet, which turned out to be a big mistake.

Test the bending of the new tablet PC The Apple iPad Pro has shown that the novelty is virtually resistant to the smallest bending force, which means it can be easily bent and damaged. This basically means that when transferring something new to the backpack or bag, we have to be very careful because they can end with curved plates, even with minimal care, such as pressure on the chair or the wall. How bad the Apple iPad Pro tablet works for the flexibility test can be viewed at the bottom of the video.

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