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The bad habits wall breaks out at Planet Koper on May 18

In Koper they overcome bad habits with Polleo Sport.

The door is Saturday May 18, when the largest sports food retailer in Europe opens its doors on the coast for the first time. Exclusive, in the renovated part of the largest shopping center on the coast, opens the newest Polleo Sporta store, where all Primorci can find support for their active and healthy lifestyle.

Polleo Sport, as a regional leader in sports supplements and fitness equipment, houses the best brands in sports nutrition, sports clothing and footwear, organic products, fitness and military equipment and sports watches. You expect globally recognized brands such as Optimum Nutrition, MyProtein, Under Armor, Nike, Reebok, Zoe, Everlast, Garmin, Polar, Samsung, Fitbit, GoPro and Suunto. With a unique concept, where you will find exactly all the products you need for your life, Polleo Sport offers an exceptionally high level of advice in one place, with highly qualified people, regardless of your purpose.

Manuela Velić – Planet Koper: "When we renovated our largest shopping center on the coast, we wanted to bring freshness to the range of shops and everything that people are looking for and needed. We are aware that people on the coast are great advocates of outdoor sports and activities, so we want to offer access to the best brand in the field of a healthy and active lifestyle, offering an incredibly wide range of products for sports – from diet to fitness equipment, clothing, organic food and ur! We are convinced that Polleo Sport are all fans of sport at home! "

Exclusive discounts and promotions

On Saturday, the new office has the best discounts and products for all people who care for their health and want to live an active and high-quality life. Enjoy shopping at Polleo Sport starts at 9 AM with the best "happy hour" campaign to date, offering 40% off sneakers, 20% off smart watches and 20% off all proteins! The happy hour ends at 11:00 am, but is accompanied by hostesses with tastings of chocolates, drinks and numerous prizes!

From 11 pm there will also be a wheel of fortune that will also spoil all visitors!

Polleo Sport

Double destruction of the wall with bad habits!

Traditionally, when Polleo Sport is opened, the wall breaks with bad habits because it represents a victory over the bad habits that every individual has. Bad habits are all because people don't exercise too much, they smoke too much, they drink carbonated drinks, they also sit down, eat too much fat, sugar, and so on. The broken wall with bad habits means that together we can overcome bad habits!

The bad habits of the bad habits have so far destroyed the greatest sports stars, such as Ilka Štuhec and Guiness & recorders Dunking Devils. This time the wall with bad habits is being ruined by nurse Fabjan, who is the first Slovenian to qualify for the world beach volleyball tournament!

The official part of the opening starts at 3.45 pm with a number of brand ambassadors and media, including Ana Klašnja, Ines Erbus, Patricia Pangeršič, Fittest Family Street Brothers, Franko Bajc, Dora Markun, Nina Nikky, Edo Murić and many others . Under the leadership of Uroš Bitenc, the entire program unfolds from the performance of Ines Airbus, prize games, dance performance, Street Workout to the demolition of the wall with bad habits!

You will be entertained all day with music under the flag of DJ's, tastings, 15% discount on the entire range, 30% discount on sneakers and a 30% discount voucher for the next purchase!

Fabjan Sisters: "We are looking forward to the opening of the new Polleo Sport office and we are convinced that the coastal part of Slovenia will be impressed by the rich and high-quality offer." We have spent a lot of time on the sand volleyball coast, so this part of Slovenia is home and it is our honor that we can ruin the wall of bad habits in the first Polleo Sport branch in the Primorska region. "

The advertiser is Polleo Sport.

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