The government has adapted the regulations to the requirements of the Constitutional Court. Measures unchanged.

The streets of Slovenia will of course remain empty for a while.  Photo: BoBo

The streets of Slovenia will of course remain empty for a while. Photo: BoBo

The decisions enter into force on the day following their publication in the Official Journal.

No changes are forecast and all restrictive measures remain in place. For example, students continue to study remotely, collection, travel between municipalities and at night are prohibited, the services and the sale of goods and the operation of bars are limited and public transport is not working. “As we have learned unofficially, the government will only comply with the request of the Constitutional Court during the correspondence session and publish the 10 relevant decrees in the Official Gazette,“she signed up for Televizija Slovenija Andreja Gregorič.

With this decision, the Constitutional Court also raised doubts about the legal basis of other decrees to curb the epidemic.

The government will adapt the regulations to the requirements of the Constitutional Court

Lawyers unanimous on the decision of the Constitutional Court; the government will discuss it during Saturday’s correspondence session

Government position: All measures taken in a transparent and public way

On Thursday, the Constitutional Court declared invalid the government’s decisions to curb the epidemic in education, passed in the form of a decree, and the decision of the Minister of Education on distance learning. It ruled that the decisions were regulations that had to be published in the Government Gazette or they would not be valid. According to the constitutional judges, this also meant that the decree on the temporary collection ban in educational institutions was canceled.

In a press release, the Government Legislative Service emphasized the government’s position that all measures have been taken in a transparent and public manner and, in its opinion, have been correctly presented and published. According to the government, all of the above also applies to the laws with which it has extended the measures.

“The public and especially the National Assembly were immediately informed of these measures”, They wrote. However, the court’s decision surprised the government, “as it has not taken such a position in its previous decisions on the measures“.

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