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The judges loved him very much, but he had to say goodbye

Tomaž Zevnik and Maj Janežič carried out the task with the judges of the competitor by the master of survival in the nature of Brane Červek. Klemen Lampič and Bojan Bešter relied on the rescue teams, but Klemen Orter didn't make good use of the last chance.

In addition to the judges, five threatened competitors were greeted by a qualified instructor and master of survival in the wild Brane Červek. He took care of the ingredients he caught and collected himself. Bojan Bešter, who took Brane to the wilderness, he first heard what was hidden in the crates. He defined which ingredients the chefs will cook. Klemnu Orterju he devoted ingredients that were collected on a bad day, Tomaž Zevniku, May Janežičand Klemnu Lampiču he devoted himself to better ingredients, he devoted himself to the worst.

Brane Červek would take Bojan Beštra into the wildPHOTO: POP TV

May was surprised by the & # 39; rich & # 39; hiding under the box, while Klemen turned Orter to the stomach as his eyes stopped on his ingredients. Among them were grasshoppers and snakes. In the beginning he had no idea what to draw in an hour without an oven and stove, as well as the stream of running water that they only had in the forest. The burr was heavy: "No apologies, no jams. Surprise us and ourselves."Klemen suddenly got energy and motivation, maybe it was stimulated by the nettle of the nettle that Brane hides among the ingredients.

Bojan impressed Branet during the preparationsPHOTO: POP TV

Bojan loves memories of childhood and his experiences in nature. The braan said at the stop before his station said: "He was a bit disappointed."But he went on:"Because he had not done this before."Klemen Orter wrinkled while tasting a raw snake, after which Brane told him to try another raw keel, whatever he did: he said he had experienced a culinary peak in his life and Bine praised him for his courage.

Clamps and raw keelPHOTO: POP TV

Mei wanted to use as many ingredients as possible to show respect for the guest and his efforts. Tomaž thought the same way, while Klemen Lampič had a different plan and finished first. Klemnu Orterju then began to say very well, he was satisfied with his plate, although he, as he said, because of the shock challenge.

May, the resource started with respectPHOTO: POP TV

Bojan may have overcome the challenge and has forgotten the visual component of MasterChef plates. Klemen Orter did not understand the components in the court. Can impress with his plate, both with layout and flavors. Klemen Lampič also prepared a delicious, tasty dish. When Bina tried the dish from Tomaž, he gave her a thick look: "Tomaž, are you kidding?"The competitor naturally started to wonder what he had done wrong and Bine added:"I can't believe you grilled this soup. Top, top plate … My brain exploded."The braan thought it was:"You are my first spoon MasterChef."He and May could climb on the balcony and Bojan and Klemna had to undergo a test.

The judges expected the Caesar salad in the MasterChef way, with no fewer than 25 ingredients. Bine gave them instructions, they were available for 45 minutes. Klemen Lampič started shopping, Bojan started whistling, but he quickly started to sweat. Karim told Orter that he was left behind and that he had to hurry if he didn't want to go home. Klemnu Lampič was the best, but Bojana complicated the most important component, the farthest, but Orter had even greater problems with him.

Klemen Lampič was the first and best to do with the elimination testPHOTO: POP TV

Klemen Lampič finished first and before the end of the season. As with the miracle, almost all ingredients managed to serve Klemn Orter. The jury praised the Klemna Lampiča salad, the ingredients were tasty and well prepared. Klemen Orter forgot two components, but those on the board did not prepare satisfactorily, with the exception of the topping. Bojana managed to prepare an excellent salad with the exception of fried cherries, so Klemen Orter had to say goodbye. Klemen: "I am grateful for every word, for every comment. "Cooking for the jury members and together with the participants was an invaluable experience for him and a very good school for life. Luke told him that they loved him very much because he gave them a smile on his cheeks. He also praised his heart, which counts in the MasterChef kitchen.

Orter's letterPHOTO: POP TV

The next week seven will be angry with judges, you can also hear Ma & # 39; s statement: "Everyone who digs another falls into it."And Bojan & # 39; s, that one competitor cannot be trusted. Of course the last mask will fall. on POP TV on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. One-day pre-production of all MasterChef Slovenia broadcasts on VOYO.

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