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The man & # 39; told & # 39; that there was a bomb in Luka Koper



The police officers had a full day on the coast today because of the man who called into the port of Koper and "reported" that a bomb would explode in the port. Police officers have caught one person, whether they are checking the caller.

The company then called about half the men around the police and explained that an unknown man had announced the explosion of a bomb near the harbor. As the PU Koper explains, police activities took place immediately.

In less than two hours the police in the center of Koper arrested a person in connection with this event, but the possible involvement of a man is still being checked.

"At the moment we can say that the damage has not occurred and no one has been injured and the explosive has not been found," they were informed by PU Koper. Police and criminal activities are still taking place, while more details will have to be announced by police officers tomorrow.

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