Unofficial: 1,636 new infections confirmed on Friday

In Slovenia, 6,344 tests on Friday confirmed the new coronavirus infection in 1,636 people. This means that 25.79 percent of all people tested were positive.



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There are currently about 20,000 people in Slovenia whose test has confirmed a new coronavirus infection. The real numbers are much higher. The Jožef Stefan Institute, which produces projections for the spread of the covid-19 disease, estimates that about four percent of the population is currently infected, or about every 25th inhabitant of Slovenia (about 83,000 people).

France has passed, Slovenia has not (yet)

In Slovenia, we have been able to stop the exponential growth of the spread of infections with measures, but we have not reversed the trend, as in other European countries. Most successful was France, where the number of new cases was reduced by 49 percent compared to the previous week, while in Slovenia the number of new cases was reduced by only 1.9 percent. This means that the situation is not yet suitable for the release of measures.

When are we going to release measures?

Yesterday, the government approved a strategy for the release of anti-crown measures. The main conditions are the seven-day average of the infected and the number of patients in hospitals. The release of measures will not begin in the country until the number of infections falls below 1,350 in the past seven days and fewer than 1,200 patients are hospitalized.

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