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Urus ST-X will be the new hero of the new Lamborghini Race Series – Novice

Lamborghini Urus is one of the first real SUVs for supersports – it can be said that the adjective & # 39; sport & # 39; here has a whole new meaning – which almost raises the question of whether he might want to interfere in the world of classic sports cars. Well, this question can be even more useful now, when Lamborghini has decided to set up a new race for home games in which competitors will perform exactly with the aforementioned crosses.

The series runs through the & # 39; arrive and drive system, which means that riders only take care of the ride and for all others they take care of Lamborghini with the right (hefty) payment. Their engineers will do their best to prepare the car, and technical skills and support will be provided during the race weekend.

More carbon

The star of the series will be a car based on the serial version of Urus, but much more similar to the one that has just been presented to the concept Urus ST-X Concept. This will vary from serial performance to the much more intense use of carbon fibers, which will result in 25 percent lighter. Under the bonnet hides an eight-cylinder engine, which produces two turboblowers 650 & # 39; horses & # 39; or 448 kilowatts of power, plus 850 Newton pairs of torque. Pirelli's race tires are on 21-inch rims with one middle screw.

Lamborghini predicts that the new series will come to life in two years, in 2020, and that the races will have to take place on different race tracks in Europe and the Middle East. The decision on the locations is of course understandable, as most vehicles of this type are sold on the mentioned markets, while Lamborghini adds that the races will take place on the circuit with the approval of the organization FIA.

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