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Volkswagen is building its own battery factory for electric vehicles

Volkswagen plans to implement the investment together with a partner who has not yet announced the investment, writes the German media. The company has emphasized that it will be difficult to achieve excellent results without own production of the battery, just like the opinion of experts. The main source of batteries for Volkswagn's electric vehicles are currently South Korean manufacturer LG Chem and Chinese CATL. Dependency on suppliers mainly entails higher costs, but at the same time entails development dependence on companies that also supply rivals.

Volkswagen wants to produce 22 million electric vehicles in 2028 and thereby make a significant contribution to realizing the commitment that the Group will be completely CO2 neutral by 2050. In addition, the strategy to switch to electrical energy was reinforced by the introduction of new models based on a brand new platform exclusively for electric vehicles.

The first in this family is the compact car class ID.3. Pre-orders for the first batch of the new model under the name 1st, which will be limited to 30,000 vehicles, have been opened in Europe since the beginning of May. According to some technology portals, 10,000 pre-orders should already be collected on the first day.

An important reason for Volkswagnov & # 39; s reason for such & # 39; n great emphasis is on electric mobility, according to analysts, t. i. the diesel gate affair that broke out in 2015 when Volkswagen admitted it had installed illegal software in a number of diesel vehicles that artificially stopped their discharges during the exhaust gas test measurements. The company has cost tens of billions of euros in damages and fines to date.

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