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Week in the stars

Things will be changed in the past, and clearly our mistakes will become, which we must analyze so that we will not repeat them again. The time of the shooter brings us the winter temperature. We can connect with unconscious experiences and remember things that we once worked and can now raise again. It can also lead us to intuitive thinking and an imaginative world. That is why the shooter is a mystical sign, half energetic, and the people who are born in it, summarize the properties and hardly ever know the claim that something is impossible. This shooter nature will be attended by everyone in this wonderful period, who will fill us with new energy.
By the end of the week Venus will again have opposition against Uranus, which may bring conflicts about finances or projects to the surface, because Merkur is retrograde. This is most reflected in family life. Of course, this does not apply to people who knowingly solve all challenges, because this aspect gives you a clear insight into the changes you need to make in the area of ​​finance.
Falling moon and retrograde Merkur will help us realize all the goals in which you have invested energy since September. There is a positive week for us, where the rest has to be placed before the work, because you can only get the right information in moments of rest and socialization will take place in a simple way.
In the air, important planets will come together this week in the conjunction. These aspects are called kazimi, which means that the planet lights up with double force, which will bring us extremely important information. Intuition will be strongly emphasized, on Monday the sun and Jupiter are told against kazimi, which entails a lot of expansion and support. In this respect, the week will really be fulfilled. I will again warn that during the retrograde Mercury no new steps are taken, but no new contracts are signed, but only things are rearranged. Because Venus is direct, it is time for the new energies to glorify and connect relationships.
On Tuesday it will be an important day, because there will be two aspects of the aspect, the sun and retro Merkur and Jupiter. With excellent energy you can talk about important things, say what you have not done so far. The day will offer support, so grab the opportunities that are offered to you.
Enjoy beautiful days, well-being and happy moments. Only the last lunar break on Friday will be quite dynamic, in the emotional area that you will awaken again, you will act differently than normal, and therefore make a step forward in personal life.

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