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Weekend to -35 degrees

LJUBLJANA – Time web portal Serious weather Already at the end of this week, a flood of polar freezing temperatures that has shaped life in parts of the US and Canada, especially in Western Europe, predicts. According to their predictions, the temperatures in the north-west of France and the southwest of England will drop to around -35 degrees Celsius.

In Slovenia it is again quite warm at the end of the week, according to weather forecasters from Ars Branet Gregorcic the hottest is expected on Saturday, when the temperatures are between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius. It will be a little cold on Sunday and the coming week the temperatures will be lower than in our country, but Gregorčič, who emphasizes that the predictions for more than a week are very unreliable and can change quickly, "what is a significant cooling to the middle The following week it is not yet, then the temperatures drop, but nothing distinctive, it is predicted that the amount of rainfall will be minimal, so that the winter in the lowlands is not likely to predict the coming 14 days. most winter night, when everything starts with snow, but it will be irreversible in the rain during the day. "

At night on Friday, some snowflakes can fall off the slopes. "It may be a centimeter or two snow on Friday morning, but it will not be on the ground for more than 12 hours," Gregorcic adds. In Slovenia, the temperatures drop next week in the northwest of the country to at least -10 degrees Celsius according to Ars data. In the west of Europe they will rise slightly, but they will still be deep below zero.

Temperatures in the coming days. PHOTO: Arso

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