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What Roglić did 45 minutes after the stage, he says everything

Primož Roglič volunteered to give up pink shirts, but he does not regret tactical decisions.

Slovenian cyclist Primož Roglič with 17th place in the sixth stage of the race lost a pink shirt in Italy, which was now worn by the Italian Valerio Conti (UAE Team Emirates). The decision of the Rogli team that they could not get a goose hunt for fugitives at the end of the stage was certainly tactical, because the Slovenian trump card has a broader picture, a joint victory in this year's race.

giro fall

I stopped breathing


Roglič on the floor and without a pink shirt

Roglič quietly deleted the leader's t-shirt, and the reasons for this were very well summarized by reporters from the Cyclingnews.com web portal, who wrote: "To understand the logic in the background of his decision, we can only look at where he was 45 minutes after the end of the race. Instead of being buried in the middle of interviews and long celebrations as a wearer of the pink shirt, Roglič was already in his bus, muted, Unlike the last few days, visibly relaxed Roglič did not limit the questions, but he was willing to talk to a group of journalists and to assess his new position in the general classification (11th place on.). "

The leading cyclist in Giro is subject to media coverage at every stage, there are many protocol requirements, so it is perfectly fitting for the Slovenian to avoid this shaking for a while.

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Grd padec


First information about the condition of Roglić

Roglic confirmed that he had not sustained any serious injuries during the opening part of the stage and confirmed the words of his teammate. "I couldn't retreat, I hit my big ass and happily stayed in it" he joked.

Regarding the strategic approach to the sixth phase, the 29-year-old said: "The fugitives were too fast to compensate for the difference, they spent too much energy, so we just wanted to give up the t-shirts. It is important to know who is wearing a pink shirt in Verona." The race is long, so it's fine. the shirt was a major stress for the entire team. "

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