15 people died in a bus accident in Bulgaria

A bus accident in Bulgaria today killed at least 15 people, another 27 people suffered injuries.

The Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior has announced it on its website. The accident happened late in the afternoon in the mountain village Leskovdol about 40 kilometers north of Sofia. Passengers whose nationality and authorities have not yet spoken, went to the DPA to visit the monastery. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has declared Monday a day of state mourning.

The Interior Ministry said that the cause of the accident is not yet known. The Sofia Globe Portal writes that the bus with several cars seems to have crashed before it has slipped out of the way. In the place of the rescuers they sent more than twenty sanitaria. Most of the wounded were transported to the hospitals in Sofia. The injuries of different people are crucial, but accurate balances are not yet available.

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