180 Palestinians suffered injuries during protests in the Gaza Strip

The Palestinians took part in battles with Israeli security forces.

At least 180 Palestinians suffered injuries on Friday with Israeli security forces at the borders of Israel and the Gaza Strip. Reuters reported.

According to the Palestinian medical rescue service, a nurse and a young boy belong to the wounded, one third of whom suffered from burns.

They demand a return of the territory

At the border settlement that Israel separated from the Gaza Strip, thousands of Palestinians gathered on Friday every Friday as part of the protests, demanding the return of the areas they had arrived in 1948 as a result of the rise of Israel.

Violence also took place in Prejordan near the city of Ramallah, where hundreds of Palestinians protested against the construction of Jewish settlements, attacking the Israeli security services with stones. They used tear gas and rubber projectiles against them. Dozens of Palestinians suffered injuries.

Israel has not commented on any of its security forces against the Palestinians in Gaza and Prejordan.

They also shoot unarmed

Since 30 March, when border protests began, the Israeli soldiers shot to the border with the Gaza Strip about 170 largely unarmed Palestinians. Two Israeli soldiers were killed as a result of Palestinian fire.

Protests are being held under the leadership of the Palestinian militant Hamas movement, which controls the Gaza Strip. The theme is, among other things, to draw attention to the Israeli-Egyptian blockade that was imposed on this territory after Hamas was governed in 2007.

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