A doctor from Hong Kong killed his wife and daughter with carbon monoxide

HONG KONG, Aug. 23 (WebNoviny.sk) – Anesthetist in Hong Kong killed his wife and a 16-year-old daughter using a yoga exercise ball that he had enriched with carbon monoxide. The prosecutor said that Khaw Kim-sun had left the inflatable ball in the trunk of the car, from where the gas escaped and killed them. They both died in a closed car. An unusual case occurred in 2015 and initially avoided the police. The doctor said he was innocent.

However, the study showed that both the woman and her daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning. They also found a deflated ball in the car. Prosecutors in the court said Kim-sun wanted to kill his wife because he had another affair and his wife did not want to divorce him. In their opinion, however, the daughter did not want to kill. He ordered him to stay home and get the job done.

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