A heavy earthquake in Lombok required two victims

The heavy earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Lombok on Sunday evening local time required at least two victims and many destroyed buildings. The press agency of the DPA reported Monday with a call to the National Disaster Relief Agency (BNPB).

One of the victims of the last earthquake died on the neighboring island of Sumbawa, said a spokeswoman for Sutopo Nugro.

He added that after the last shock in Lombok the power supplies were interrupted, making it more difficult to assess the extent of the damage. On the eve of the earthquake they recorded at least seven dotrasov.

The USGS US Geological Survey, which tracks the global seismic activity, reports a strength of 6.9 in this earthquake and is located about 20 kilometers deep, 62 kilometers northeast of Mataram.

The previous strong impact, which was 6.5 percent in the DPA, reached the same area on Sunday, causing landslides and causing crashes that had damaged previous shakes, Nugro added.

The island of Lombok is still rejected by the devastating earthquake of 5 August, which has claimed at least 460 victims for life, damaged tens of thousands of houses and forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homes.

Indonesia is located in the so-called A circle of fires in the Pacific, which accounts for about 90 percent of all earthquakes.

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