A man stabbed in a restaurant in the Belgian Moresnet – several wounded and reportedly 1 dead

Brussels, 22 August 2018 (TASR / HSP / Photo:CENSUS NEWS Twitter)

Moresnet in the east of Belgium was partially closed on Wednesday after reports that a man entered the restaurant and stabbed people there. They informed the Belgian media and then the news agency AP.

The photo shows the crime scene

Local media have published snapshots of how the police closes streets in Morestene close to Liege. Reports showed that one of the wounded apparently died. The AP said it was not yet possible to verify these reports, and it is unclear whether the attack was related to terrorism.

The drama, which claimed different lives for the victims, seems to be a private matter, and it is not a terrorist attack. According to news agency Belga, Mayor Thierry Wimmer said that.

The attack, according to Wimmer, was played in the commune of Moresnet-Chapelle under the town of Plombieres. According to information from Belga, the attack was afternoon. Around 5 pm local time the police closed Clinique Street, where the attack took place.

According to the first information, which has not yet been confirmed by the public prosecutor, an unknown man, armed with a knife, entered a restaurant and attacked his customers. Several victims were claimed by the knife, Belga warned shortly before 8 pm that their number had not been given.

The perpetrator was, according to the witnesses at the crime scene, a former partner of one of the victims of the restaurant.

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