A member of the ANO movement proposed a state prize for the fight against Babisha's corruption, he would not have accepted it

PRAGUE, August 22 (WebNoviny.sk) – Member of the movement YOUTH Václav Makrlík presented the leader of the ANO and the Czech Prime Minister Andrey Babis as a backdrop for state decoration to combat corruption and loss of state property. Makrlíkov's proposal was supported by the district organization YES in the city of Písek. Babis, however, finds it inappropriate and he does not accept the honor.

According to the author, Babiš deserves a prize for the lifelong struggle against the stealing of state property and related corruption, as well as for the national political stabilization of the Czech state. To be awarded it is proposed on the occasion of the Centenary of the Czechoslovak Republic.

Babiš, but the news portal iDNES.cz he said the proposal would be inappropriate and he would reject any presidential election. Speaker of President Jiri Ovaccek said that all media issues relating to state prices will only be commented on October 28th.

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