A Russian plane shot down the Syrian defense because of the maneuver of the Israeli pilots

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced Tuesday that the Russian Il-20 military plane, which was considered missing, was shot by the rocket of the Syrian Air Force. TASS reported Tuesday.

The TASS Ministry said the Russian F-16 Israeli fighters, who were on a mission to attack the buildings in the province of Lázikía in Syria at the time, covered a Russian plane for landing at the time of the incident.

As stated in a statement by the Russian ministry, Russia considers the steps of Israel as "a provocative provocation" and a hostile expression that does not match the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership.

15 soldiers died

The actions of the Israeli pilots resulted in the death of 15 Russian soldiers. At the same time, Moscow has advised that in connection with the incident it reserves the right to take revenge against Israel.

TASS said the incident took place in Moscow at about 11 pm on Monday when the Russian plane returned to Humayim after its mission at the Russian air base.

The connection with the aircraft was interrupted during a flight over the Mediterranean at a distance of about 35 kilometers from the coast.

While the Russians laughed at a small people and the Russians "kicked" the neighbors (video with subtitles):

Missile attacks on Syrian targets

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Il-20 machine of radar screens disappeared during an attack by four Israeli F-16s on Syrian targets in the province of Lázikíja. Russian missiles have fired missiles from the place where the French frigate of the Auvergne is currently located.

In the meantime, Interfax reported that sources in the Pentagon assumed that a Russian plane could have accidentally brought down the Syrian anti-aircraft, which reflected the attack on Israeli aircraft. The source added that the American troops did not join the operation in the province of Lázikíja.

The command of the Israeli army has not yet responded to the disappearance of the Russian plane, TASS added.

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