A ship with 177 migrants moored in Sicily

They could anchor, but not get out.

The Italian shipyard Diciotti, with 177 migrants on board, moored Monday evening at the port of Catania in Sicily. However, the Italian government did not allow them to leave the ship and is awaiting a decision by the European Union in which countries must go. AP reported Tuesday.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote a letter to the European Commission asking for a solution, as was the case for the past two months.

They spent a few days on the ship

The Diciotti ship has been on the Mediterranean coast on the Lampedusa coast for several days, after rescuing 190 people on 16 August. Thirteen of them, who needed urgent medical attention, took the island.

He asked Rome to Malta to accept the remaining 177. But she refused to say that the boat with migrants was not ashamed because these people refused Maltese help and wanted to continue their journey to Italy.

Italy ended in June, after the emergence of a new populist and Eurosceptic government, with the acceptance of almost all migrants coming from North Africa when it banned lifeboats in its ports.

In a number of cases they spent a few days at sea before they started Malta or Spain. Some migrant vessels have been allowed to dock in ports after several EU countries have agreed to split these migrants.

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