About the summer WS gold in the show for Paulina Fialkova

About the summer WS gold in the show for Paulina Fialkova

New city on Moravec 25 August 2018 (SITA / HSP / Photo: TASR-)

Slovakian representative Paulina Fialková became world champion in the sprint at 7.5 km at the Summer Bio Championship in the Czech New Town in Moravia. The eldest of six-year-old Fialkovy went on a roller coaster race with one defeat at the shooting range and won 7.2 on Monika Hojniszova and 23.2 seconds on Kazakh Galina Vishnevska. Veronika Vítková, the best Czech domestic representative, finished fourth.

Pictured by the Slovak biathlete Paulina Fialková

In the 44-strong league, Terézia Poliaková finished 19th with 2 errors in the field and Ivona Fialková was classified thirty. I. Fialk completely spoiled the recordings with 5 inaccurate recordings. On Saturday at 6.45 pm there will be a men's sprint for 10 km. Even in the morning, juniors and juniors were introduced in the race. Among the Slovaks were the best Henrieta Horvátová on the seventeenth and Matej Balog in the 18th round. The winners were the Polish Kamila Žuková and the Czech Republic Jakub Štvrtecký.

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