According to Cséfalvay, the European Union is having a difficult time and only further integration

BRATISLAVA, 28 August ( – The European Union is currently going through a difficult period, according to the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the National Council of the Czech Republic, Katarina Cséfalvay, whose solution is more the European Union.

As she said on Tuesday for SITA, she is convinced that only further integration will help our continent. "In particular, when we are faced with competition from other global players such as China, India, Brazil, but also the US, who are increasingly behaving like a competitor rather than a partner" He stressed.

According to Cséfalvay, as is sometimes shown by the tragicomic evolution of the brexit, populists questioning the EU have no plan, no alternative, only lies and passion for deceiving people, and when I take responsibility, I will hear myself.

"It should be a lesson for everyone in the EU, both politicians and voters" Cséfalvay said, not fooled by cheap sentences, hoaxes and lies. "Fortunately, the Western world of such politicians, who deserve respect, they still have, and I regard them chiefly Angel Merkel, Emanuel Macron or Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau," said the deputy.

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