Afghan President Ghana has declared a cease-fire with the Taliban to pay al-Adha during the idu

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced his ceasefire with the militant Taliban movement on the occasion of the iad al-Adha holiday.

He did this during the celebration of the 99th anniversary of the independence of Afghanistan in the capital Kabul. "The cease-fire must be respected by both parties, and its continuation and duration also depends on the attitude of the Taliban," pointed to Ghana and added that if the movement would be a weapon room on Monday and Tuesday

The president also expressed the hope that both parties could agree on an extension of the ceasefire fires that could last until November 20, the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. The Taliban have not yet responded to Ghani

The government has announced a ceasefire this year with the Taliban during the idu al-fitr. The movement received a three-day gun work room, but Ghani's later appeal to his extension was not completed

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