Agrofert cancels 1665 jobs in the Lieken Bakery Group

The Agrofert spokesman declined to confirm.

20. Aug. 2018 at 9:34 am CET

Prague. The Czech holding company Agrofert cancels 1665 jobs in the German bakery group Lieken and informs the Czech web on the basis of information from the German food trade company NGG.

Karel Hanzelka, spokesman for Agrofert, declined to comment on the data on dismissals. Lieken now has about 2,800 employees. When Agrofert bought it in 2013, it had about four thousand employees. In the Czech Republic, Agrofert owns the Penam Bakery, which is also active in Germany.

Luke's bakery was, according to Hanzelka, when it was bought by Agrofert, a loss-making company. From 2015, Lieken will undergo restructuring.

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"Various logistics and production facilities have been closed in the context of the Agenda 2020 reform program in 2020. Planned cuts would affect 1065 logistics staff and 500 in production," trade union spokeswoman Karin Vladimirov said.

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The Agrofert spokesman also refused to confirm this. "We consider the numbers as an internal issue and we do not publish them," says

"We are still looking for and recruiting new employees in newly opened operations," he added.

According to the turnover, the Lieken group belongs to the six largest bakeries in Germany, writes, but the precise data on the management of Lieken are not available according to the server in the German companies register. The Agrofert Group is the largest in the Czech agricultural and food industry, two in the chemical industry and a major player in the forestry and media sector.

Last year about 33,000 people worked, just like the predecessors, of which 22,000 in the Czech Republic. The consolidated profit of Agroferta decreased by 38 percent annually to 4.8 billion crowns.

The group was the owner of the former deputy prime minister and Minister of Finance Andrej Babiš at the beginning of the year. In February, because of the law on conflicts of interest, he placed his shares in fundraisers.

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