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25.08.2018 16:56, updated: 21:40

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Italy has threatened the EU with Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maia by repeatedly suspending payments to Brussels if he fails to secure the distribution of these refugees.

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Albania has offered Italy that it will take over 20 migrants from the Diciotti ship, which will be flooded with dozens of African refugees in the Sicilian port for the fifth day. ANSA has reported this. The Italian government does not want to dismantle migrants and asks the EU countries for help. Albania is still only the EU candidate country. The Diciotti ship was visited by healthcare professionals who offered to land 17 migrants for ill-health, but five women refused to stay on board with their relatives.

"Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi thanks Albania for that
the decision to accept 20 refugees from the Diciotti ship. A sign of great solidarity
and friendship, "the Italian Foreign Ministry wrote to twitteri.

Italian medical workers questioned 150 migrants at the Diciotti
as early as August 16, when it was taken in the Mediterranean on a route from Libya to
Italian coast guard of Europe. The Italian government admitted the ship on Monday
anchored in Sicilian Catania, but did not let them land on the mainland.

The doctors decided that 11 women and six men would be out of the boat
moving to a health care facility because a number of them
they suspect tuberculosis. But five women refused to leave because of
relatives on board.

On the Diciotti ship, the Italian Coast Guard originally took over
190 migrants, most of whom are ANSA from Eritrea. short
when 13 of them, who were in a state of health, were transported
island of Lampedusa. With the remaining migrants she was flooded in Sicily.
On Wednesday evening the Italian government left the criticism and the coercion of the public prosecutor
to land 29 minors.

Italy has been struggling with the massive influx of migrants in recent years
of Africa by the Mediterranean, and the new Italian government is trying to prevent it. already
In June Minister of Home Affairs Matteo Salvini announced that he would not be in Italian
ports to accept ships from foreign non-governmental organizations because
according to him, they register a smuggler.

Now the Italian government is trying to put pressure on the EU to make it
helped migrants. He asks that the refugees of the Diciotti ship be redistributed
other EU countries, as some have done in the past
weeks for other vessels carrying Italy or

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi called for states on Saturday
European Union to take responsibility for migrants on the Diciotti a
also urged Italy to invite migrants immediately
from the boat. Rome refuses to grant such permission to the European states
the Union has not promised to take them.

Representatives from the ten EU Member States, however, did not arrive on Friday
meeting in Brussels on a dispute resolution agreement with Italy.

Italy has repeatedly threatened the EU with Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maia
by suspending payments to Brussels if it fails to ensure its distribution
refugees. The Union reacted critically on Friday
non-constructive threats do not help to find a solution.

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