An uprising against Zeman, Kiska will talk to the Czechs! Anniversary of the invasion of 1968 without Russian censorship

The circular 50th anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact troops will be remembered on 21 August. On this day, the Slovak president Andrej Kiska has an exceptional 5 minutes in RTVS. He will perform with a speech in the evening news.

The President of the Slovak Republic will have the opportunity to listen to the Czechs. Milos Zeman said through his spokesman that his extraordinary speech had already taken place.

"His courageous speech was already presented by the president when, at the beginning of normalization, he stated that he did not agree with the occupation, and he was thrown out of work for this speech at the University of Economics. is more valuable than thousands of purely formal and irresistible expressions that will certainly be heard on August 21, the spokesman Jiří Ovčáček wrote on the social network of Zeman.

Czechs want Kiska at least

The Czechs immediately expressed their dissatisfaction with Zeman & # 39; s decision and social networks immediately began to mobilize and create events that were mentioned "We want President Kiska's speech at CT". "Slovak, loan us Kisk" and even sent the official list of Czech television.

"When the Czech president said via his ovary that the fiftieth anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Russian soldiers did not prepare a speech, I sent this request to the Director-General of ČT and to the Director of CT News, another e-mail mail to the Director General of the Czech Republic and the news director CRO " writes the author of the letter on the social network.

Czechs want the speech of the president

Source: FB / Ondrej Suchanek

The citizens have heard and the speech of the Slovak president can be seen in the Czech Republic. "We will broadcast the Slovakian president Andrej Kisk on Tuesday with RTVS on the CT24 channel from 19:50," told CTK Karolína Blinková, spokesperson for Czech television.

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