Angry DPRK Trump accuses himself of conspiracy: he is a criminal who prepares an invasion

On Friday, US President Donald Trump ordered the cancellation of Pompe's trip for next week. According to White House Chief, insufficient progress has been made in the Korean peninsula's denuclearization process, on which the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, reached an agreement at the June summit in Singapore.

"Such a deed proves that the United States is carrying out criminal conspiracies to start a war against the DPRK and commit a crime that deserves a merciless punishment" wrote a diary. "We do not have enough to notice the disingenuous talks of the US dealing with the secret exercises of special units, including those for killing people, while they have a smile on the face of the dialogue." said the North Korean newspaper. A spokeswoman from the US embassy in Reuters in South Korea told Reuters that he has no information about the exercises Rodong Sinmun mentions.

Donald Trump and Kim

Source: SITA / AP Photo / Susan Walsh, Pool

Pompeo has been in Pyongyang since April 3, but his path has not yet produced a visible result. After last July Pompeo announced that it had made progress with the timetable for the DPRK to liquidate its nuclear weapons. North Korea accused the United States of having unilateral demands.

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Trump met Kim Jong-oun in June in Singapore. At the summit Kim promised to work on the nuclear disarmament of the Korean peninsula, Trump offered North Korea security guarantees and declared that the DPRK no longer poses a nuclear threat.

Partly to reassure North Korea, Trump has canceled or postponed large joint military exercises with South Korea. However, small exercises continue, according to Reuters.

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